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air conditioner tune up minneapolis

spring is the perfect time for a tune up

Your air conditioner has sat idle for the long months of our Minnesota winter. You're ready to flip the switch and start using your air conditioner. But is your air conditioner ready for you? Our Minneapolis air conditioner tune up service can help you ensure a sweat free summer by giving us a call. Our air conditioning technicians are standing by and ready to help you with our 20 point air conditioner check. 

Our 20 point air conditioner tune up service

Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we are proud of our 20 point air conditioner tune up service. Each tune up includes a safety inspection and helps you maintain your unit for efficiency and long life all summer long. When you schedule with Twin City, your tune up includes: 

  • Check the blower motor and measure the amperage and voltage for proper operation
  • Test your thermostat for proper operation, calibration and level
  • Examine and clean your existing air filter (if needed)
  • Inspect the bearings for wear and lubricate them
  • Inspect the indoor air coil
  • Flush the condensate drain and treat with anti-algae
  • Inspect the Condenser coil
  • Monitor the operating pressure of the refrigerant
  • Inspect the safety devised for proper operation
  • Inspect the electrical disconnect box for proper rating and safety
  • Inspect and tighten electrical wiring connections
  • Inspect and test contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  • Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
  • Inspect and test capacitors
  • Inspect fan blade
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  • Inspect service valves for proper operation
  • Measure supply/return temperature differential
  • Inspect duct work for energy loss
  • Monitor, measure amperage and volt draw, and wiring connections on the compressor
Air Conditioner Tune Up Minneapolis

get started today

It's never too early to start your Spring clean up checklist and schedule your air conditioner tune up. Simply schedule an appointment and our technicians will ensure a cool and breezy summer.