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Beat the heat this summer

Our air conditioning service in Minneapolis can help you and your family keep cool all summer long. Summer is short for us Minnesotans so we know how important it is to enjoy it while it lasts.  As the temperatures outside start to rise, you want an air conditioner that is prepared to work during the summer months.  

You can rely on our cooling experts to get the job done right when it comes to your air conditioner service.  We work with you to determine if you need air conditioner repair and maintenance or replacement.  Our expert technicians get to work so that you can get back to enjoying your summer. 

Air Conditioner Tune Up Minneapolis

air conditioning tune up

Your air conditioner sits idle all winter long and will typically need an air conditioning tune up before you power up this summer. Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to help with your spring tune up appointment.  

Air Conditioner Repair Minneapolis

Air conditioner repair

It's not uncommon need an air conditioner repair after a long winter. Skip our tune up service and go straight to scheduling one of our repair technicians. Our staff is ready to diagnose and repair your air conditioner woes. 

Air Conditioning Replacement Minneapolis

air conditioning replacement

Are you ready to replace your existing air conditioner?  Keep cool and comfortable this summer with a new Lennox air conditioner. Our air conditioning units are energy efficient and quiet for a comfort that can be felt, but not heard.

schedule a cooling and safety inspection for only $189.00.

Don't wait until summer heats up.  Plan to enjoy your summer while keeping cool inside with our quality air conditioner tune up and experience from Twin City Heating and Air. Call now to set up your air conditioning inspection, tune-up, or a consultation on a replacement today.  

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