Furnace Repair in Blaine MN | How To Know If I Need a Furnace Repair? (Part 1)


Furnace Repair in Blaine MN


Having a furnace repair can be an expensive, time-consuming, and disheartening task. But if you’re looking at your utility bills with a frown on your face, or noticing that the temperature in your home is lower than normal, then it might be time to have a furnace repaired. Here are some signs that will help determine if you need to hire someone for furnace repair in Blaine MN near you:


Cold spots through home

If you’ve noticed that your furnace isn’t heating the entire home evenly, or that it isn’t heating the same amount of space in each room, then you may need to have someone take a look at your system. The furnaces’ heat exchangers are designed to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. However, if something is wrong with these units they can cause uneven heating. This can be caused by an obstruction in the venting system (like a bird’s nest), clogged air filters, and dirty coils. If this sounds like something that could be affecting your heating system then consider hiring an HVAC professional for assistance with diagnosing and repairing any problems with your furnace.


Increased utility bills

The first thing to consider when looking at increased utility bills is whether or not they could be due to outside factors. Are you experiencing something unusual this season, like unusually cold or hot weather? Or have you been using more electricity than normal? If the answer is no, there may be a problem with your furnace. A furnace that isn’t working properly will need extra energy to keep up with the demand of heating and cooling your home, so if yours is struggling with these kinds of tasks then it can result in higher energy bills.

When you get a new HVAC system installed in Minnesota, for example – especially one that has been designed specifically for efficient operation – it will likely lower your utility costs over time by reducing the amount of gas or electricity required by your home’s heating mechanism. This means that even though upfront installation costs might initially seem high compared with other options (like repairing an existing system), over time these investments pay off big-time through reduced monthly payments! Depending on factors, you may need to either replace your furnace or repair your furnace in Blaine MN.


Inaccurate temperature on thermostat

Are you able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? If so, congratulations! You might not be in need of furnace repair. Does your thermostat accurately show the temperature in your room? The average temperature range for most homes is between 68 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel like your room is always too cold but your thermostat is set to 75 degrees or higher, you may need a furnace repair. On the other hand, maybe you are always hot and it feels like your furnace is always on even though you have the thermostat set at 62 degrees. If this is the case, you may want to get your furnace checked out to see if you need Blaine MN furnace repair. We will help make sure you are comfortable in your home and that your thermostat shows an accurate temperature.


Aging furnace (10-20 years old)

If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it may need repairs more often than a newer furnace. If you want to keep your current furnace and continue to use it, make sure you have it serviced on a regular basis. You can also choose to replace your aging unit with a newer model that is more energy efficient and doesn’t run as much. As your furnace gets older, it may start having more issues. You will have to weigh the options and determine if it makes more sense for you to have just a furnace repair in Blaine MN or if you need a full furnace replacement in Blaine Minnesota. Reach out to a local HVAC company to learn more about what you may need to do.



It is important that you make sure your HVAC systems are running well. There are many signs that your furnace needs furnace repair in Blaine MN. If you notice cold spots in your home, increased utility bills, your thermostat is not accurate, or if your furnace is aging it may need furnace repairs. Contact your local HVAC company, Twin City Heating, Air and Electric, to learn more about why you may need furnace repair.

furnace repair in Blaine MN

furnace repair in Blaine MN

furnace repair in Blaine MN

furnace repair in Blaine MN