Furnace Repair in Maple Grove MN | Should I Get My Furnace Repaired This Winter? (Part 1)

Furnace Repair in Maple Grove MN

Winter is the season when you need your furnace the most. The heat keeps you warm and cozy, but it can also be dangerous if it’s not working properly. If you suspect that your furnace might need repairs, contact an HVAC company immediately for a furnace repair in Maple Grove MN. They’ll provide you with an estimate for the work needed as well as recommendations for future maintenance plans to keep your system running safely and efficiently year-round.


You hear a clanking sound coming from your furnace when turning the unit on

A clanking sound is a sign that something is not right with your furnace. In most cases, you don’t have to worry too much about this noise—it can be caused by simple things like loose ductwork or a piece of debris in the system. However, it’s worth having an HVAC technician come out to check on the situation just in case there is an underlying problem affecting your home’s comfort.

The clanking noise could mean that your furnace isn’t working correctly and needs repair or replacement soon. It could also mean that the unit is working too hard and may need cleaning or adjusting so it runs more efficiently and quietly. Have your local HVAC technician like Twin City Heating, Air, and Electric come out to check on your furnace for furnace repair in Maple Grove MN.


There is water leaking from your furnace

If you see water coming from your furnace, you should immediately contact a professional to fix the problem.

You can check for leaks by looking at the bottom of your unit and checking for puddles or moisture on the ground. If there is no sign of a leak in this area, then look at where any vents are connected between your furnace and other parts of your home. You may spot greasy stains around these areas that indicate a possible leak has been present in the past but has not been fixed.

If you find any signs of moisture around these connections, call an HVAC technician right away! They will be able to determine if this is actually because there is something wrong with your furnace or if it’s just condensation from running hot air into cold air (which happens every time you turn on your heater). A local HVAC company will be able to help with a furnace repair in Maple Grove Minnesota if needed.


Your energy bill is higher than normal for this time of year

  • First, check your energy bill. It’s a good idea to keep a record of your monthly energy usage throughout the year. You can use this information to compare current month-to-month usage with past months to determine if something has changed that could explain why your bills are so high.

  • Next, check whether the thermostat is set correctly. If you’re not sure how much money you’re spending on heating and cooling costs at any given time, try turning down the thermostat by just one degree for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference on your next bill.

  • Finally, have someone take a look at what’s happening inside of the unit itself—if it seems like everything is working properly but still running too hot or cold for comfort (or both), then it might be time for professional service from an HVAC expert who can diagnose any potential problems before they become major problems later on down the line!


The furnace never seems to make heat when it’s running

  • The furnace may be dirty, so you should call a professional to clean it.

  • The furnace may be blocked or clogged and should be checked by a professional. If the furnace is blocked or clogged, heat is not getting into your home and not warming your home up.

  • If you feel like your furnace is not doing its job properly, you should get an HVAC technician out to see if your furnace needs repairs.

  • A new heating system can save you money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable during the cold months.

  • If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it may not be putting out heat as well as it used to so you may need to replace your furnace with a newer model that uses less energy and has better efficiency ratings. A new furnace will help heat up your home and keep you warm.


Minnesota winters can be very harsh so it is a good idea to get your furnace serviced soon. There are many reasons why you may need a furnace repair this winter. If you notice any of these signs of furnace repair in Maple Grove MN, reach out to your local HVAC company soon! Here at Twin City Heating, Air and Electric we can help with all your HVAC needs. We would love to check over your heating system to see if you could benefit from any furnace repairs in Maple Grove MN. Contact us today to stay warm!

furnace repair in Maple Grove MN

furnace repair in Maple Grove MN

furnace repair in Maple Grove MN

furnace repair in Maple Grove MN