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minneapolis furnace repair services


Your comfort is our mission. We know that when you're calling us, you've got a heating problem. Twin City Heating and Air offers Minneapolis furnace repair services and is located right where you live.  We understand how to make your home comfortable in our cold Minnesota winters.  

the right time for furnace repair

Diagnosing your furnace problems can be challenging. How do you know when your furnace needs a repair?  That's where we come in.  When you schedule an appointment with us, our expert technicians are ready to help you get your furnace up and running again.  Some common signs to look for when your furnace needs a repair: 

  • Increasing utility bills

  • Consistent cold spots throughout your home

  • Inaccurate temperature on thermostat

  • Aging Furnace (10-20 years)

As your furnace ages, we're here to help. Schedule an appointment with us and our expert technicians will help you get your furnace up and running again.

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You know Minnesota winters can get cold, and the last thing you want to be dealing with is a home without heat. We can help with your gas heater repair needs & get your home back to warm and comfy this winter. 

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boiler REPAIR

 Trust us to help you keep your home well-heated with your boiler. Whether you need some routine maintenance or repair, Twin City Heating and Air is the perfect place to get help with your boiler repair this winter. 

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When you're ready for a new furnace, we've got you covered.  We install high quality and energy efficient heating units to keep you home warm all winter long.  

schedule a heating and safety inspection for only $189.00

Whether you have a repair issue or are in need of an overhaul, our friendly technicians are available to diagnose and repair any issue. Schedule an appointment to receive quality service with a smile.