Three Reasons your Minneapolis furnace needs a Tune Up in October

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As the leaves start to fall and temperatures dip, you may be preparing to turn on your furnace to keep your family toasty warm. Did you know that the best way for Minneapolis residents to care for a furnace is to get a yearly furnace tune up?  If it’s been a while since you’ve had your furnace looked at by a professional or you’ve heard some strange noises with your furnace recently, then it may be time for an October tune up.


The Benefits of a Annual Furnace Tune Up

Yearly furnace tune ups aren’t just for aging furnaces anymore. The benefits of having a professional look under the cover of your furnace far outweigh the costs of the appointment. Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we recommend a yearly tune up for three important reasons.

1. Ensures your furnace is in working order

Your furnace has been sitting idle all summer long. Fall is not only the time we think about flipping the switch to on, but we should be thinking about those little problems that can appear throughout the winter.  Scheduling an appointment with a professional technician can help you discover small problems before they become a big hassle. Our technicians work through a 21-point checklist that includes testing start up and safety controls, measuring air flow and testing temperature settings for a comfortable home all winter long.

2. Save time and money

A yearly inspection and tune up will save you time and money.  The longer it’s been since your last tune up, the more likely it is that your furnace needs to work harder to heat your home. Your furnace could be expending more energy and increasing your heating bills due to dirt buildup and loose connections. Your professional HVAC technician will not only look for small issues, they also clean your furnace, tighten connections and ensure switches are operating effectively. The result is an efficient furnace that keeps costs down and comfort up.

3. Extends the life of your furnace

Regular furnace check ups will extend the life of your furnace. If you neglect to care for your furnace from year to year, dirt and debris can build up, switches can become loose and your entire furnace could operate at less than 100% leaving it vulnerable to wear and tear.  Scheduling a yearly tune up can help ensure your furnace receives regularly scheduled maintenance which will extend the life of your furnace giving you peace of mind when you turn it on.

Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we believe in the value of regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your furnace running and your home heated during our harsh Minnesota winters. We’re here to help and are now running an October special.


We offer a no breakdown guarantee with every furnace tune up.