Whole house Humidifiers are Essential for Homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area!

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Its officially heating season!  That also means that dry air.  When your house is dry, you and your family can experience some dry house side effects. Heating season can trigger other ailments such as bloody noses, cracked lips, itchy-skin, irritated throats, air-born illnesses, indoor allergies, and asthma.  These can be made worse if you have a dry home.  Many of these concerns can be alleviated by adding a whole house humidifier to your Minneapolis home.

What you need to know about whole house humidifiers

1. Viruses travel in dry air

Viruses travel in dry air more efficiently than they do in moist air.. Having the right humidity in your home can help prevent the spread of germs.

2. Humidifiers help with nasal congestion

Humidifiers help keep your nasal passages moist which in turn helps heal them and sore throats faster if you do get sick.

3. Keeping indoor plants healthy

If you have live plants in your home (or Christmas trees during the holiday season), a humidifier will help keep them from drying out.  Healthy plants can also help with your home’s healthy air quality.

4. Maintain your wood floors

Wood floors and wood furnishings need moisture.  Dry air can damage wood, so a humidifier is a must especially in homes with hardwood floors.

5. Lower heating bills

Moist air feels warmer than dry air. Adding moisture to the air in your home can help you turn down your thermostat and save money.

6. Better sleep

Whole-house humidifiers can help you sleep better.  Not only does a humidifier keep your airway from drying out, people tend to snore more if their throats and sinuses are dry.

Ready to get started with a humidifier?

Twin City Heating and Air can install whole-house humidifiers, such as Aprilaire systems, to most existing homes. Humidifiers are beneficial to you and your family’s health as well as protecting your home from needless damage that is caused by dry air.

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