Furnace Tune Ups to Winterize Your Home

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As the holidays approach and winter begins to creep into Minneapolis, you may be thinking about your list of things to do to winterize your home. Sealing windows and doors and cleaning out gutters may be on your list. One essential to add is a yearly furnace tune up.


Why your furnace needs a tune up

Your furnace needs a yearly tune up to give you peace of mind for safety and efficiency when it comes to heating your home.  Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we recommend a yearly tune up for these four reasons:

1. Ensure safe operation all winter long

It’s more than likely that your furnace burns natural gas. If your furnace is malfunctioning, this can create hazards like carbon monoxide leaks or fire.  Our furnace tune up will ensure that your furnace is working properly and correct any potential issues to ensure a properly running furnace all winter long.


2. Keep Your Warranty intact

Whether you’ve purchased a furnace from us or direct from the manufacturer, many furnace warranties require an annual tune up to remain valid. Tune ups can extend the life of your furnace and keep your warranty in place should your furnace need repairs.

3. Save on your winter energy bills

Annual furnace tune ups can increase your heating system efficiency. When your furnace is more effective, your energy bills will decrease. A tune up can save you money while staying cozy and warm this winter.

4. Avoid the need for repair in the middle of winter

Did you know that 75% of furnace repair calls in the winter could have been avoided by a furnace tune up? By scheduling your tune up now, you can prevent future problems, break downs in the dead of winter, and avoid heat down time while waiting for your repair man.

What does a furnace tune up include?

Here at Twin Cities Heating and Air, we follow a 21-point checklist which includes carbon monoxide testing, filter inspections, checking and adjusting gas pressure, cleaning the ignition assembly, setting thermostat for heat anticipation, testing safety controls, and more.  Learn more about our 21 point checklist.

Our gift to you

As we enter the holidays, we’re entering a season of giving. Here at Twin Cities Heating and Air, we value our customers and want to show our appreciation through a gift to you. Schedule a furnace tune up before December 31st, and receive a free air conditioner tune up in the Spring!