Minneapolis Indoor Air Quality: 5 tips for improving your air at home

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As we head into these winter months, you may be feeling a little cooped up in the house or office. It’s at this time of year that many of us become concerned about the indoor air quality we live and work in. Is the air fresh? Are there tips to improve the air quality of my home? When it comes to your Minneapolis home and improving your air quality, we have five simple tips that will help you all year long. 


Tip # 1: Keep It Clean

Cutting down on dust and other allergens starts with a clean and tidy home. Weekly cleaning will help you keep dust and other particles out of the air and away from your lungs. Consider an overall dusting and floor treatment once a week.  Vacuuming and mopping will keep those dust mites levels low consistently. 

Tip # 2: Check Your Humidity

Humidity levels in your home can contribute to poor air quality. Keeping the humidity at 30% – 50% will limit the growth of mold and the presence of dust mites that pollute the air.  Some additional tips to reduce humidity include using a dehumidifier, cracking a window when cooking or after you get out of the shower, and checking your home for any water leaks. 

Tip # 3: Ban Indoor Smoking


If you or one of your family members are a smoker, consider asking them to light up outside.  Second hand smoke contains thousands of chemicals that could be contaminating your indoor air.  Simply ask that smoker in your life to step outside and improve your air quality this winter. 

Tip # 4: Air It Out

While this tip may be more challenging for those of us in the midwest, opening up the windows even for a few minutes will improve your indoor air quality.  Opening up the windows allows that CO2 to come and freshen the air in your home. So, when you have that unseasonably warm winter day coming, get ready to throw the windows open for a few minutes and air your home out. 

Tip # 5: Install An Ultra-Violet Air Purifier

Ultraviolet air purifiers are a newer form of technology intended to substantially improve air quality.  UV air filters kill dust particles and other air contaminates without any actual filtration. Instead, these air filters use an ultra violet light to clean the air. 

UV Air purifiers and exchanges don’t need a filter so there’s no regular filter replacing schedule.  When homes have great insulation and stagnant air, mold can develop underneath the walls. These purifiers are great at taking care of hidden mold in walls and other allergens – keeping your family breathing fresh air all year round. 

If you’re ready to make the jump to a UV Air Purifier or Exchanger, then Twin City Heating and Air is ready to help!  Simply contact us and we can get started and improving the indoor air in your Minneapolis home.