Spring Allergy Tips from Your Minneapolis Heating & Cooling Experts

Minneapolis Allergy Tips - Twin City Heating, Air & Electric


It’s Spring! In Minneapolis that means, not only is it warmer it’s also the time of year that the ragweed, pollen and grass are releasing their nasty little allergens that make us sneeze.  As your Minneapolis Heating & Cooling experts, we have some recommendations to minimize the sneezing as you head into spring.


So beyond taking medication that can make you want to sleep through spring, you can help your home environment with air quality enhancement through your furnace and air conditioning systems.

Minneapolis Air Quality Products


HEPA stands for high-energy particulate arresting that uses three different mechanisms to catch dirt and allergens. There are outer filters for the larger particles, another layer of very dense glass fibers that catch even more.  Those along with variations in air speeds can catch allergens in the filters in varying ways.  Although you can buy filters that work through recirculating individual rooms, the most effective and efficient HEPA filters are installed on your furnace and AC system.  They are highly effective in improving home air quality.

Minneapolis HEPA Filter for Air Conditioner


While HEPA filters help remove allergen particles, UV lights can help purify air and remove germs in ventilation systems.  As the air moves through your home system, it passes through the UV light which, rather than just trapping irritants, it transforms and destroys harmful particles. This too can be installed right on your HVAC system so everyone in your home can benefit.

Unfortunately, most of us are not home all the time so we won’t ever be 100% protected from allergens. Having HEPA and UV filters on your heating and cooling system, however, can greatly lessen your exposure during all the hours you are there, especially when you sleep.

Twin City Heating and Air can install both HEPA filters and UV lights to your existing furnace and air conditioning system.  Call us today at 763-757-4678 to set up your appointment for a free estimate that is customized for your comfort and air quality needs.