Minneapolis Memorial Day Road Safety Tips from Twin City Heating and Air

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Twin City Heating and Air usally offers tips about your furnace and air conditioner.  Because your comfort and safety is our priority, we are going to stray a little and talk about the importance of staying safe on our Minneapolis or greater Minnesota highways.

Safety Statistics

We’ve all heard, ‘buckle-up’, ‘don’t drink and drive,’ ‘don’t speed,’ ‘pay attention to the road,’ and ‘don’t text’.  No one ever expects accidents will happen to them either.  Here are a few statistics from Minnesotacrashvictims.org:


  • Most of the motorists killed in accidents are not buckled up
  • Greater than one-third of traffic deaths involve alcohol use
  • Excess speed is involved in 15% of all fatal crashes
  • One quarter of all accidents involve distracted drivers
  • Each year an average of 400 people are killed on Minnesota Roads
  • Each year over 30,000 people are injured.  That number equals half of the people that live in Coon Rapids or in Blaine!

Our Quick Tips

1. Always buckle up

Not only is this the law, but it helps keep you safe in case of an accident.  It only takes a second and can save your life.

2. Put down the cell phone

No text is worth your life. Keep you cell phone in your purse or put away so you won’t be tempted to look at your incoming messages. If you need to read a text, pull over and read it instead of trying to read it and drive.

3. Plan your ride

When going to a party or out for a cocktail, it’s better to plan your ride before you leave. Alcohol  can impair your judgment.  When you have a plan in place before you leave, you are more likely to use it and stay safe.

4. Use Uber

Uber is a great idea in any situation. It alleviates the driving and parking hassle and helps you enjoy a care-free evening. When you’re enjoying a drink or two, plan on using Uber to get you to and from your destination.

Not only does Twin City Heating and Air want you safe in your home, we want you to return safely to your home.  Enjoy the weekend and BE SAFE!