The ideal time to schedule your Minneapolis Furnace tune-up

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The ideal time to get your Minneapolis furnace tuned-up is now! Even the White House is taking advantage of this time of year to tune-up their heating and air conditioning system.

Why late summer is the best tune up time for your furnace

Getting your furnace tuned-up now will give you peace of mind that your system works when you need it to.  The best time to get your furnace tuned-up is before you turn it on for the first time.  In Minnesota, you could be turning on your furnace as early as September which makes your ideal tune up time as early as late summer.

Why you need to tune-up your furnace

If it works don’t fix it doesn’t apply to furnaces. Just like your yearly doctor visit, your furnace should be seen by a professional once a year.  Your yearly tune-up should include a professional technician who can come in and do more thorough maintenance and safety checks on your system.  Twin City Heating and Air does a complete 21-point (plus) maintenance and complete safety check on each of our furnace tune-up calls.

Our 21 point maintenance check

This complete tune-up will help keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently, reduce the risk of an inconvenient breakdown, helps your system last longer and is essential for maintaining warranties.  By scheduling your tune-up in late summer, you can take advantage of the early-season specials and avoid longer wait times during our busier season. Scheduling now will give you peace of mind that your furnace will keep you warm and cozy all winter long rather than the disruption a broken down furnace can be in the dead of winter.

A partner you can trust

One very important thing to know about choosing Twin City Heating and Air is that we always do full tune-ups with no surprises.  Our technicians don’t work on commission like many other companies technicians do.  We have a flat rate for tune-ups.  If we see a problem, we will let you know and give you options for any needed repairs.  There is no hidden agenda, we just want your home to be comfortable all winter long.

Call 763-757-4678  to schedule your furnace tune-up and be sure to ask about our tune-up special!