4 Ways to Improve Air Quality in your Coon Rapids Home

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When it comes to air quality, you want the cleanest air to stay healthy and happy in your Coon Rapids home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why your home’s air quality could be declining. To prevent this from happening, we at Twin City Heating and Air have four simple ways to improve air quality in your home.


Regularly clean your floors and furniture

A lot of dust, chemicals, and allergens can hide and multiply in your carpets, smooth floors, and any piece of furniture. Keeping a regular schedule for cleaning will help reduce any pet dander or other particles that can easily be cleaned. Another preventative measure you can take is to have a door mat or rug that can be washed on a regular basis which will catch any dust and dirt from outside as your family returns home.

Keep the humidity of your home at a healthy level

This tip is especially important in Minnesota because of our dry winters and moist summers. Mold, dust mites, and other pollutants love to grow when the air has too much humidity, and pollen grows when it is too dry. A healthy medium is between 30% and 50% percent humidity in your home. Using humidifiers in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer can help keep the humidity in check.


Find fragrance free products and get natural air filters

Synthetic fragrances emit numerous chemicals into the air, making the air quality poor and could be dangerous to your health if used too often. To avoid this, find cleaners and laundry supplies with fragrance free or all natural fragrance labels and limit your use of aerosol sprays. Healthy alternatives to air fresheners include baking soda and lemon juice. Other ways to improve the smell in your home while being healthy is to open windows, use filtered air conditioning, and bring a plant inside your home. Many plants take in air pollutants in your home, and transform it into oxygen to make your home smell better and maintain healthy air quality.

Install an air filtration system and have it checked regularly

It might seem obvious, but air filtration is one of the most important ways to keep your home’s air healthy. Some of the most improved air filtration systems can trap up to 98% of particles that are polluting your home. It’s an easy way to stay happy and healthy in your home. It is also important to get it checked regularly for leaks or other damages, as that can have a big impact on your home’s health.

At Twin Cities Heating and Air, we value your safety, which includes your home’s air quality. If you’re ready to improve your home’s air quality by installing an air purification system, we’re here to help.