The pros and cons of a furnace humidifier for your Minneapolis home

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As your furnace cranks up to heat your Minneapolis home this winter, you’ll begin to notice drier air in your home. Dry air can wreak havoc on your air quality and also damage your home. Keeping a certain level of humidity can help your home’s air healthy and balanced. You may be asking yourself whether you should purchase a portable humidifier or a furnace humidifier for your home. We’ve got you covered with our list of pros and cons.



No Refilling

One of the big pros of a furnace humidifier is that it is integrated into your furnace and plumbing systems. This translates to a humidifier that requires no refilling and checking to see if it’s run dry. It’s install it and forget it until the end of heating season.


Less maintenance

One of the advantages of a furnace humidifier is that you air is moisturized as it leaves your furnace. There is less maintenance and checking to see if you have enough water in your unit or if the room you are humidifying is getting too moist for wood work and paint.

Controlled Humidity Levels

With a furnace humidifier, it’s easier to control humidity levels in every room of your home from one unit. Moisturized air will leave your furnace through your air ducts and keep every room at the optimal humidity for air quality and home maintenance all winter long.



While some can DIY their furnace humidifiers, most will require expertise to install their furnace humidifier. You may need to call an HVAC technician to install.

Yearly cleaning


Over the course of a winter, the water required to run your furnace humidifier will leave mineral deposits behind. Each spring, you will want to perform a thorough cleaning with white vinegar to clean your system and prepare for the following winter.


The price tag for a furnace humidifier can be a deterrent. You’ll have the investment of your unit as well as the potential cost of installation. While this investment may pay for itself in the end, you’ll want to weigh the costs of installation and a more expensive humidifier.

Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we’re here to advise you on the best choices for heating and air conditioning for your home and family. If you’re ready to replace your furnace or learn more about the best next steps for winter comfort, we’re here to help. Simply schedule an appointment and get all your questions answered.