The 5 Benefits of Wireless Thermostats for your Coon Rapids home

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When it comes to controlling temperature in your Coon Rapids home, you need a thermostat you can depend on.  In today’s market, you have choices when it comes to the control center of your home.  But did you know that there are several benefits to installing a wireless thermostat.


While wireless thermostats can be an investment, they also provide financial and comfort benefits for your entire family. So, what can you expect when you purchase a wireless thermostat?

1. Energy Efficiency

Wireless thermostats will save you energy and money. Not only can you remotely monitor your heating and air conditioning system, many models will automatically adjust your home’s temperature to create the ideal setting for your home. You’ll be able to easily set your temperature to maximize savings on your monthly bill and the energy you may be using.

2. Remote Monitoring


As we’ve already mentioned, you can remotely monitor the heat and air conditioning in their home. How great would it be to control your heat or A/C from work or when out doing errands?  Wireless thermostats come with apps to help you adjust your settings from your phone from any location. Looking for a little something more?  Look for a model that has geofencing which will allow you to set it to turn on when you get within a certain distance from your home.  Yes, it can do that!

3. Allergy Defender

These wireless thermostats are not only wireless, they are also smart.  Some models include an allergy defender which will monitor the air quality and pollen levels in your home. Once it senses that your air quality is decreasing, it will automatically turn on fans or air purifiers to keep you and your family breathing easy in every season.


4. Monitor Outdoor Conditions

We’ve all wondered what the outdoor conditions are from the comfort of our own home, haven’t we? Wonder no more.  Wireless thermostats not only control the temperature in your home, they will also monitor temperatures and humidity levels and use that information to adjust your indoor setting so your home always feels like you want it to.

5. Extend the Life of Your System

Wireless thermostats not only automatically monitor your indoor temperature, they also monitor your system. You’ll be able to keep you eye on helpful reports on your energy levels and how your system is performing.  You’ll be able to make adjustments in real time all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.

Wireless thermostats can help you save money. save energy, and keep your system working efficiently in every season.

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