Seasonal Allergies and Spring Cleaning Your Coon Rapids Air Conditioner

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It’s that time of year again!  Pollen is in the air, wreaking havoc on sinuses everywhere. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may be searching for some quick ways to reduce allergy symptoms. Spring cleaning your Coon Rapids air conditioner can help decrease irritants and improve the indoor air quality inside your home. Follow these five steps to start spring cleaning your AC.


1. Clean your air ducts

Spring is one of the most important times to clean your air conditioner.  As the weather outside goes from cool to warm, you may be using your central air systems more moving dust and pollutants through your home.  Cleaning your air ducts reduces pollen and other irritants that have settled in your ducts over the winter.

2. Replace your air conditioner filters

If your seasonal allergies seems to be getting worse, it may be time to replace your air conditioner filters.  Replacing your filters will ensure cleaner indoor air. Most experts recommend replacing these filters every 4-6 weeks during air conditioner season.


3. Close your windows and doors

It may be tempting to throw open the windows and enjoy that fresh air.  Fresh, spring air also contains those irritants causing your seasonal allergies. If your allergy symptoms are getting worse, we recommend keeping your windows and doors closed, which will decrease the pollen in your indoor air.  Another quick tip?  Consider washing your curtains to eliminate any hidden dust or pollen.

4. Check humidity levels

High humidity levels can intensify your seasonal allergies. Your indoor air should be dry enough to eliminate airborne spores that can grow in damp conditions. Maintaining proper humidity levels will improve air quality and allergy symptoms.


5. Choose a HEPA Filter

If your spring cleaning efforts produce few allergy improvements, it may be time to buy a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants and reduce seasonal allergy issues.

Investing in some time to spring clean your air conditioner can help you say good-bye to seasonal allergies, while optimizing your indoor air quality. Twin City Heating and Air is here to help with our with our 20 point air conditioner tune up service.