5 Signs Your Coon Rapids Air Conditioner Needs Service

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As summer gets into full swing, you may be noticing a few issues with your Coon Rapids air conditioner.  Is your home as cool as it used to be?  Did you last utility bill increase dramatically? As busy homeowner, you may start to wonder if your questions about your AC unit are in your head or when it’s time to service your unit. We’ve got you covered with our 5 signs your air conditioner needs service.


1. Warm air blowing

If you’re noticing warm or even less cool air blowing from your vents, then it could be a sign that your air conditioner needs repair. Warmer air blowing could indicate it’s time for a serious repair like a failing compressor or low Freon levels. If you are having trouble keeping your home cool and comfortable, it may be time to call in the experts.

2. Poor air flow

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While warm air may be a concern, another indication your unit may need service is poor air flow. If one room is cool and comfortable and other rooms are warm and not as cool, this could be a sign that an HVAC technician should look at your duct work. Overtime, debris can build up in your ducts and get stuck. This not only obstructs your air flow, but can  be a health risk so you’ll want to call for your Minneapolis HVAC company for service.

3. Moisture or leakage near your unit

Moisture, leakage, or pools of water near your unit can indicate a problem. If you’re noticing leaks, this could be refrigerant and can cause serious health risks to your family.  You’ll want to call for service right away. If you notice pools of water next to your unit, this may be a sign than your condensation drain tube is blocked or broken. While not as serious as leaking refrigerant, it’s important to have a professional take a look.


4. Strange sounds and odors

Your air conditioner may be warning you with strange sounds and odors. Squealing which could be a belt or lubrication issue and grinding which could indicate a bearing issue are sounds you should be listening for. As far as odors, foul smells can indicate mold or other issues inside your unit.

5. Dramatic increase in utility bills

While your utility bills can change with the transition of seasons, they should stay relative consistent through the summer months. If you notice a drastic increase in your next utility bill, it may be time for service.

If you’re noticing these signs in your home, then Twin City Heating and Air is here to help. You can schedule your service appointment online.

To prevent high air conditioning repair bills, we always recommend our comfort care plan which includes a yearly service appointment, 50% off repairs if needed at your yearly maintenance check, and 20% off and priority service for repairs needed at other times.