5 Benefits of Signing Up For Our Minneapolis Comfort Care Program

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Your Minneapolis furnace and air conditioner are an investment that keeps you comfortable all year long. Protecting that investment is an important part of extending the life of your system. Here at Twin City Heating and Air, we are proud to offer homeowners like you our Comfort Care Program which helps you maintain your system, ensuring comfort all year long. If you haven’t checked into our Comfort Care Program, it may be time to learn more about how you can save time and money for a low monthly commitment.


1. Yearly tune ups

You’ve heard from all the experts. It’s best to get a yearly tune up for both your furnace and air conditioner. If you’ve been neglecting these yearly tune ups or life is just getting in the way of getting something scheduled, then it may be time to learn more about our comfort care program. You can say good-bye to remembering to schedule a tune up twice a year as our friendly office staff will call you to schedule your tune up included in the program. You’ll ensure you get it done and extend the life of your system all at the same time.


2. Discounted repairs during tune up

The worst part about a tune up can be finding out about the costly repair your unit needs. With out Comfort Care program, your repair costs get reduced. If one of our expert technicians finds a needed repair during your tune up, your repair costs are discounted by 50% when you repair at the time of your maintenance visit.

3. Reduced repair costs outside of yearly tune ups

Has your furnace or AC unit just stopped working without warning? No problem. Our Comfort Care Program has you covered. If you need repair outside of your yearly tune up maintenance visit, we’ll discount your repairs by 20%.


4. Priority scheduling

There’s nothing worse than having a problem with your furnace or AC and having to wait until there’s an opening in your HVAC contractor’s schedule. With our Comfort Care Program, you’ll receive priority scheduling to ensure your furnace or AC gets repairs quickly and you get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

5. Credit towards a furnace or AC replacement

Ready to replace your furnace or AC? Our Comfort Care Program offers you a $100 credit towards replacing your furnace or air conditioner for each year you are with the program.

Our Comfort Care Program is easy, affordable, and helps maintain your equipment warranty and safety.  Getting  started  is simple. Just complete our Comfort Care Sign Up form and we’ll be in touch with your next steps.