6 Common Minneapolis Furnace Problems and How To Fix Them

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As fall temperatures start to lower, you may be turning your focus to the health of your furnace. In turning on your Minneapolis furnace for the first time, you may start to notice a few warning signs that your furnace needs some attention. If you notice weird noises or poor air flow, these six common furnace problems may be partly to blame.


Poor air flow

If the air flow in your home is weak, it could be your air filter. Over time, your air filter catches a lot of dust. Once the dust fills your filter, the air flow will become blocked. Your filter should be checked once a month to avoid this problem. When replacing your filter, make sure to turn the furnace off. This will prevent injury when taking out your old filter and putting in your new one.

Thermostat not registering or working


If your thermostat is non-responsive, there are several potential causes to check into. If your thermostat uses batteries, be sure to replace them before winter starts every year. If you own an electromechanical thermostat, dust can collect on the metal coils and plates on the inside of your thermostat. Use a soft paintbrush or paper edge to sweep the dust away. Then, check your thermostat settings.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your on the heat setting and program the temperature five degrees above the room temperature. Another setting to check is the fan. If it’s set on auto, it will turn on and off to adjust temperature.

Reduced air flow in particular rooms

A common problem with an easy fix is to clean your air vents. Dust can stick to vents creating a block where air cannot get through. Use a duster or remove the vents to clean with water.

Furnace won’t turn on


If your furnace won’t turn on, it could be an easy fix. Every furnace has a safety switch. It may have been accidentally turned off over the summer and needs to be switched back on. If your safety switch is already on, check your circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker should have an HVAC circuit that should be on. If your circuits are not labeled, try flipping on ones that are off. Turning off and on the HVAC circuit will reset the breaker, which could fix the problem. If you’re still having issues with your furnace, call a professional HVAC technician who can help you diagnose the problem.

Lack of heat

If your home refuses to heat, it may be time to physically check your furnace flame sensor. Your furnace flame should be blue. Any other color could mean a malfunction or other chemicals are in the air. Never try to fix this problem yourself. If you’re having this problem, we’re ready to help with these repairs in a safe way. These procedures require adequate training and professional tools.

Other mechanical problems

If you are experiencing other mechanical problems like a cracked heat exchanger, old power belt, worn out bearings, and new noises your furnace, then it may be time to call in your HVAC professional.

We make your winter comfort a priority. If you are experiencing these common furnace problems this Fall, we’re ready to help with our 21-point inspection. Our expert technicians can help you get your home ready for comfort all winter long.