How to Avoid Furnace Problems in your Minneapolis Home

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We brave Minnesotans still have a few more months of winter before we can turn off our Minneapolis furnace to enjoy that summer sun. You’ll want to make sure you avoid any problems with your furnace this winter that will leave you in the cold. These quick tips can help you keep your family warm and cozy all winter long.


Clean around your furnace

Cleaning the area around your furnace can prevent any dust from getting to the ignition light and starting a larger fire. Dusting and vacuuming should prevent any problems with dust and dander from getting in the wrong places of your furnace.

Change the filter

Along the lines of cleaning, changing the filter can prevent a lot of furnace problems in the future. We recommend you change the filter about three times a year to keep your house clean and your furnace healthy.

Open the air vents


Some people close the air vents that they are not using to lower costs, but it can also lead to lowering the efficiency of your furnace and could create problems in the future. The furnace blower works with the pressure inside the air ducts to pull in cold air and push hot air out into your home. Closing the air vents creates more pressure in the ducts, which also creates more pressure inside your furnace. This raised pressure can crack your air ducts and parts of your furnace if left unchecked.

Clear the area around the air vents

Covering your vents with furniture can lead to poor air flow and cool spots. In extreme cases, it could also increase the pressure inside your air ducts, making it more susceptible to cracks and other damage. If you feel a cold spot in your home, it may be time for a rearrangement of your furniture.


Know your thermostat

It is important to know your thermostat so that you don’t overwork your furnace. Setting the furnace too high can wear out your furnace faster and increase your energy bills. Usually, appropriate winter temperatures are around 70 degrees or less to keep your furnace running longer. You’ll want to check the life of the battery in your Be sure to change the batteries if your thermostat has them to avoid broken signals to your furnace that could damage it.

Turn it off when you’re not home

If you go on vacation, it wastes money and the lifespan of your furnace to keep it running if no one is in the house for a few days or weeks. If you have pets staying home, it is a good idea to lower the thermostat instead of turning it off and provide blankets for your pet.

Schedule regular tune-ups

Regular furnace tune-ups can prevent big problems in the future. Annual furnace tune-ups can keep your furnace running smoothly and keep your family warm all winter long.

Your safety is important to us at Twin Cities Heating and Air. We offer comfort care packages to help you schedule regular check ups and save on repairs to your furnace. If you’re ready to schedule a tune up or sign up for comfort care, we’re here to help.