Differences and Benefits of High Efficiency Furnaces

If you have looked into furnaces for your Minneapolis home, you might have noticed the ones labeled as having high efficiency. When looking at the differences between those and the other furnaces, there might not seem like there is a big difference. However, there are many differences and benefits to high efficiency furnaces. Here are the top five benefits that make high efficiency furnaces different from others.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)

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An AFUE rating is the amount of energy that is used to heat your home versus the amount of energy given off as waste in an effort to heat your home. In older furnaces, the AFUE rating will be around 80%, which means 80% of the energy turns into heat and 20% is wasted energy used to heat up the air. While it can still heat up your home, it uses more energy to create that heat than an energy efficient furnace. An energy efficient furnace has an AFUE rating of 90% or more. That means that most of the energy going into your furnace than being used as waste. In turn, it takes less energy to heat up your home because more of it turns into heat. The energy saved helps the environment and lowers your energy bill.

Number of Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is the place in your furnace where the heat is transferred from your furnace  into the air in your home. This exchange is where the most energy is lost. High efficiency furnaces either have a second heat exchanger to capture more heat or a better seal to keep in the heat. With the help of these heat exchangers and seals, the furnace is able to use more energy for heating your home rather than being wasted.

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Costs of the Furnace

Most furnaces are expensive to buy. The initial cost of buying a furnace is less for a normal efficiency furnace, is less than a high efficiency furnace, but the energy costs will add up. Over the years, the cost of a high efficiency furnace will pay itself off with the costs. With our high efficiency furnaces, the money saved on your energy costs will cover the cost of the furnace only after two years.

Potential Problems

The number of potential problems significantly decreases with a high efficiency furnace. With annual furnace checks, a high efficiency furnace can last longer than a normal efficiency furnace. It is important to keep getting furnace checks to help your furnace last longer and avoid any future problems, no matter what kind of furnace you have.

If you have a furnace that needs to be checked, call Twin City Heating and Air. We have a special on high efficiency furnaces if you need a replacement, and we have technicians ready to help you with your furnace tune-up.