This may be the year to replace the Air conditioning in your Minneapolis Home

brentonac - Twin City Heating, Air & Electric

Replacing your air conditioner may be more cost effective than repairing it this year.  If you need to add refrigerant (sometimes known as freon) to your Air Conditioner it is going to be costly.   R-22, the standard refrigerant used in air conditioners, is being phased out because it is suspected of damaging the ozone layer. This means repairs involving adding the refrigerant will be more expensive this year.

 R-22 will be banned from production and import in January of 2020 and will be replaced with a new refrigerant, R-410a. You cannot use the newer refrigerant in old systems. Only reclaimed or stock-piled R-22 will be available to use for repairs thus hiking the price exponentially.

If your older air conditioner needs service this coming year, getting a new AC may be the most economical option. Early spring is a great time to replace your air conditioner.

Companies like Twin City Heating and Air have more flexibility with their schedule before hot weather hits. Don’t let the thought of replacement scare you, there are options for every budget. You can literally beat the heat and ensure you won’t suffer through any hot summer days or uncomfortable nights.