4 Reasons Why a Furnace Tune-up Saves your Minneapolis Furnace

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The end of summer is the best time to get your furnace tune-up. Getting it inspected before turning it on helps the technician get to all the areas of your furnace, but is it really important before every winter to get your Minneapolis furnace checked? Regular maintenance helps your furnace for many reasons.


Prolonged lifespan

On average, furnaces last 10 to 20 years before they need to be replaced. If your furnace is not checked regularly, the life span is closer to ten years. Scheduled tune-ups can increase the lifespan of your furnace to twenty or more years, saving money on replacements.

Prevent emergencies

Cracked vents, leaking, loud noises, and cool air from your furnace can lead to an emergency. In most cases, these emergencies could have been prevented if a tune-up was conducted before turning on the furnace. Our technicians check for cracks, leaks, and broken components of your furnace. Be sure to call your technician if you noticed any of these issues before turning off your furnace for the summer. To learn more about common furnace issues and emergencies, check out our blog post.

Helpful advice

When a technician comes out to inspect your furnace, they are armed with advice for any question or issue you’ve been having with your furnace. Our professional technicians work hard to find the issue, come up with solutions, and help you get the best deal to solve your problem. Their advice can give you peace of mind all through the winter.

Less money spent

Regular furnace inspections cost less than replacements and emergency repairs. Tune-ups are the main way to save you time and money to invest in your future and be worry-free.

With our service plans, you can get the most out of your furnace. Check out our tune-up specials, or contact us at Twin City Heating and Air to schedule an appointment. We want to help you stay safe this winter with our professional tune-ups.