Should I repair or replace my Minneapolis furnace?

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Before winter comes in Minneapolis, it is a great idea to get your furnace checked out by professionals before you start using it. If your furnace is getting old, you might want to consider a replacement to avoid any emergencies during the winter. Whether you’re looking to save money or are uncertain if you should replace your furnace, we have gathered this list to help guide you towards making the right decision.


On average, furnaces are meant to last 15 to 20 years if they have regular tune-ups. Any furnace around this age range should be checked for replacement by a professional. If your furnace is around this age and has other signs of wear, it might be a good idea to ask your HVAC professional about replacement.


Cost of repairs

As your furnace gets older, so do the repairs. Generally, once the repairs start costing over half of what a replacement would cost, it is time to replace your furnace. Be sure to check with multiple providers to find a fair and reasonable price to calculate this with. Our professionals work hard to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Costs for repairs can add up, so be sure to include all repairs in your conclusion. Your furnace should not have more than one or two small repairs a year, if at all. If you have more than one or two repairs, you will want to consider replacing your furnace.

Heating bills

Older furnaces have to work harder to heat up your home with age. If you notice that your energy bills are climbing up, you will want to make sure the problem isn’t your furnace. Our HVAC experts can help you find the problem and suggest if the problem is a part that can be repaired or if your furnace needs to be replaced. 

Furnace concerns

There are many other furnace concerns that should be remedied with a replacement. Warning signs, such as loud noises from your furnace, hot and cold spots in your home, rusting pipes, and a yellow burner flame, can mean there could potentially be a major problem with your furnace. At this point, it needs to be replaced. Check out our common furnace problems blog for more information about which signs are dangerous and which can be easily fixed. 

As always, have your furnace checked before you boot it up for the winter to avoid any potential problems. Our HVAC professionals are ready to help you make sure you stay safe and warm this winter. Check out our 21-Point Inspection to learn more about our tune-up services, or call us for more information about furnace repairs and replacements.