How Air Purifiers Keep Your Minneapolis Home Healthy

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Minneapolis winters bring all sorts of problems. Low humidity increases the chance of spreading sickness, combating colder air increases energy bills, and maintaining a clean home becomes more difficult with everyone cooped up in the house are all problems we have in the winter. Because of this, the air in your home is often more dirty than the air outside. While there are some things we will have to deal with, there are ways to decrease your chances of getting sick. Air purifiers work hard getting germs, viruses, and more to keep your family healthy throughout the year. If you already have an air filter, how does an air purifier help with your home?


Air filters versus air purifiers

Air filters in your air conditioner or furnace are standard filters that keep dust and dirt out of your furnace and air vents. They are designed to work near your HVAC units to keep them safe from large particles damaging them. Air purifiers actively filter out allergens, particles, pollutants, and more from the air for your health. Air filters will mostly protect your HVAC unit, while an air purifier will keep your home healthy.

Types of air purifiers

Along with different brands of air purifiers, there are also different types.

The standard purifiers are HEPA, High Efficiency Particulate Air, purifiers. These air purifiers work similarly to an air filter, but remove more out of the air than an average air filter. As long as you remember to change the filter, your house will have healthier air.

Another air purifier is an activated carbon purifier. Activated carbon is great at absorbing particulates on a chemical level, making it ideal for capturing gasses, smoke, and odors.

A third air purifier is an ionizing air purifier. The ionizing purifier creates ions in the air making charges on the particulates on an atomic level. The charges on the allergen, germ, virus, or particulate make them stick together and become heavy enough to fall out of the air. With regular vacuuming and cleaning, this works well at taking out harmful substances in the air to be picked up later.

You will also be able to find ultraviolet air purifiers. UV light mostly targets bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to turn them into molecules of water or carbon dioxide by breaking down their cellular or genetic bonds. While this is great for getting rid of sicknesses, this air purifier does not remove particles like allergens out of the air. They are often paired with another filtering purifier to clean your home.

There are other types of air purifiers, so be sure to check with your HVAC professionals to find the best purifier solution for your home.


Air purifiers work

Air purifiers have been in many studies to prove their usefulness. In most cases, they have succeeded in cleaning up the air to make it healthier for your family. Our own Wymond Wong, owner of Twin City Heating and Air, experienced the benefits of having an air purifier. With the iWave air purifier, he was able to stay healthy even when his wife was sick with a stomach bug.

If you are looking for solutions to have cleaner air in your home, check out our air purifier solutions. Check out our iWave air purifier or our Purair air purifier to start. Then, contact us to set up an appointment or learn more from our HVAC professionals about how you can make your home’s air more healthy.