How UV Sanitizers Work in Your Minneapolis Home

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With the first snowfall of the winter in Minneapolis, flu season is underway. The flu and covid-19 is going to be difficult to stay inside and healthy. For many of us, our stockpile of cleaning supplies has been running thin because of shortages and quarantine. Cleaning surfaces is helpful, especially during a pandemic, but it won’t keep the air in your home clean of bacteria and pathogens. HVAC equipment is difficult to clean because it’s hard to get to. However, there are tools that can clean the air that passes through your air ducts, called UV light sanitizers.

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What UV Light Does

UV, or ultraviolet, light projects at a frequency that can break down cells. That is why we get sunburns from ultraviolet light. When UV light is used for cleaning, it breaks down the cells of various viruses and bacteria, destroying them. Many studies have been done testing the effectiveness of ultraviolet light sanitizers, including Duke University and the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology. They concluded that UV light can kill most bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and it reduces the amount of airborne fungi. Because it works so well, they even use it in hospitals and large commercial buildings.

UV Light in Your Air Ducts

Your air filter is designed to clean out larger particles that could be dangerous to the system itself. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include small bacteria and viruses. That’s why ultraviolet light is used in many products that can help clean your phone, air ducts, and more. There have been some tests done to see if UV light can kill Covid-19, but they have mixed results.

If you would like to learn more about cleaning your air ducts, tuning up your furnace, or replacing your HVAC units, we are happy to help! The UV light sanitizer we recommend is from PureAir Purification. Check it out on our air quality page, or contact us if you would like more information.