4 Tips to Prepare your HVAC System for Another Minneapolis Winter

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Fall in Minneapolis can be a double-edged sword. While the changing color of the leaves look beautiful, we also know that winter is coming. With this season, it is time to prepare your HVAC system for the winter so you aren’t stuck in the cold. You can get a head start getting your furnace ready by using these four simple steps.


1. Have professionals perform tunes up twice a year.

Get a tune-up once in the spring and once in the fall. Chances are that you will not be needing your HVAC system yet because both of these seasons are the in between for extreme temperatures. That way you can be sure it’s running in peak condition before you need it most. Before your technician arrives be sure to check for unusual noises, smells and obvious leaks. That will help you maximize the use of your time and the technicians as well.

2. Turn your furnace on multiple times before winter truly gets here.

Set the thermostat to the temperature you plan on using during the winter. Be sure your home reaches that temperature before turning the furnace off. This gives the system a warm up run before being put to work all winter, it will also let you notice if everything isn’t working right and you may even find you need repairs. This way you can have them done in a timely manner instead of at the last hour.

3. Clean your vents and change the air filters.

Dirt and dust buildup very quickly over time and can cause a multitude of problems. Buildup can cause ventilation problems causing inefficient air flow. This can up your bill because of the extra effort it takes to heat you home as well as cause uneven heating throughout your home. Check on your filter every month and if you find something wrong wait no longer than 3 months to resolve the issue.


4. Create climate zones within your home.

Hot air rises and cold air sinks to ground level, causing your upstairs areas to be much warmer than than the lower levels during winter. The modern solution is to have your HVAC technician install a climate zone management system with sensors. The system will detect temperature disparities and direct the heat where it is needed. You can also control the system remotely to make adjustments when necessary. The old fashioned way is to open and close some vents to direct the air flow, but can be a hassle and will have to be adjusted multiple times throughout the season.

If you want to start getting your HVAC system for winter with a tune-up, give us a call! We are working with you to create a safe visit and make sure your furnace will last for the winter.