Space Heater Safety Tips

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The chill is already in the air here in Minnesota and staying warm is going to become priority pretty quick. One solution for keeping a personal space warm is a space heater. Here are some tips for using that space heater safely and effectively.

1. Don’t store stuff around the front, sides or rear of the heater. Keep the heater at least 3 feet from materials that may combust. This includes beds, couches, curtains, clothes, and papers.


2. Double check the cords, you don’t want any damage or fraying. Try not to use extension cords or powers strips unless absolutely necessary and make sure the plug is securely inserted.

3. Do not place your heater on an unstable surface, this includes tables, chairs and anything that can move or wobble. By ensuring stability you can help prevent the heater from tipping over.

4. Take proper safety steps. Do not use around water. Make sure you have active working smoke detectors. Have proper ventilation if using a fuel burning heater and turn it off when you are not able to keep an eye on it, this includes sleeping.

5. Train and teach anyone who may be using the device on how to properly operate the heater. Do not allow your children to operate your heater without direct super vision or for maximum safety, don’t let children use it at all and warn them of the dangers.

These helpful tips will keep you warm and safe during the winter months!