HVAC Fun Facts From Your Minneapolis Heating and Cooling Experts Part 2

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Heating and AC have long interesting history with hidden knowledge you would never have suspected. We are exited to share these awesome facts about heating and cooling.

Stay up to date because we will be posting new HVAC fun facts frequently! Check out our previous fun facts blog to see the first group of fun facts.

Fun Fact 4

The amount of energy used to power the entire continent of Africa is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning alone in the U.S.

Fun Fact 5

In 1913, Charles Gates built the first fully air-conditioned home in Minneapolis. Sadly, he died just before he could experience living in the mansion.


Fun Fact 6

When AC systems were first introduced, the output settings were measured in “Ice Power.” In other words, it’s the number of blocks of ice it would take to produce the same amount of cooling power. Now, we call them AC units.

Fun Fact 7

Updating your system with “greener” technology can save you energy and money. The average family spends close to $2,000 on energy bills and nearly half of that goes to heating and cooling.

Fun Fact 8

England was home to the first steam heating system, courtesy of William Cook in 1745.

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