Money Saving Tips This Winter for Your Minneapolis Heating System

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Whether you live in Minneapolis or any other cold area, it’s essential to keep costs down on your heating system. With how often you use your furnace in the winter, here are some tips to help you keep costs down this winter.


1. Install a programmable thermostat.

This makes it easy for your home to be at its most efficient because you can have the temperature be lower when you aren’t home and when you don’t need it, like when you are sleeping. Setting your thermostat 5 degrees lower, even for just 8 hours a day, can save you up to 5% of your energy costs. So while you’re asleep or at work, which for most of us this day is our home unfortunately, set it a bit lower. Lower settings may save you up to $200 annually.

2. Purchase a high efficiency furnace, boiler or heat pump.

Especially if your old system is quite old. There have been so many advancements, plus you’ll have a nice new warranty and be able to have some peace of mind if something does happen. Higher efficiency means that the device is doing more with less, which saves you money. A new system will end up paying for itself in long run.

3. Get your furnace serviced and tuned up regularly.

If you can’t afford a whole brand new system getting your furnaced cleaned and serviced with help with your efficiency as well. The technician may even find something that is effecting you heating system more than just dust. Getting that fixed will help.

4. Keep your vents and radiators clear so that air can flow.

Covering them with rugs or blocking vents with furniture can mitigate the much needed air flow. This includes closing vents to redirect heat. Redirecting hot air can cause your furnace to work harder than it needs to, costing you more money, even though it feels like the opposite should be true.


5. Invest in a humidifier.

Having more moisture in the air lets it retain heat better. On average a decent humidifier is roughly $30. T can be difficult to keep humidity in the air in winter but even a small one can help. Dryer air can also feel colder in general versus wetter air. As a bonus if there is more moisture in the air it can reduce static electricity, which I personally have noticed this year already!

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