Why Won’t My Minneapolis Furnace Ignite Or Turn On?

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Furnace issues are very inconvenient, especially during this time of the year. If your furnace turns off but won’t turn back on again, it won’t be easy keeping warm for the rest of the Minneapolis winter months. There are many reasons that can contribute to why your furnace won’t turn back on, but there are common reasons that can be fixed easily. While searching for the issue, be sure to check these key things.

Circuit Breakers

Even if you have a gas furnace, electricity can still be used to start or maintain the flow of warm air. If the circuit breaker is turned off for your furnace, it won’t run. Be sure to turn that on and check the furnace. There is also a switch on the furnace that will need to be turned on. Check your furnace’s user manual to find the correct switch to make sure it is turned on.



If your thermostat got reset, there is a good chance that your furnace won’t be doing what you want it to. It might be set to cool or a specific setting that won’t trigger the heat until it’s too cold in your home. It could also be set to the “COOL” setting instead of the “HEAT” setting. When was the last time you changed the batteries in the thermostat? A very common, but simple, fix is to replace the batteries in your thermostat to get that furnace running again.

Furnace Filter

As a solution to many of the issues we’ve been blogging about, a dirty furnace filter can do your home dirty. If there is too much debris in the air filter, the air flow is blocked from the furnace to the rest of your home. In this case, all of the warm air stays in the furnace. Some furnaces will automatically turn off if they sense a dirty air filter, so be sure to set a regular schedule to check it.

Drain/Condensate Pan

Not all furnaces have drain pans, but the ones that do will have to be cleaned out if not done so for a while. Your furnace will shut off as a safety program if the drain pan is too full or starting to overflow. This switch is called the float switch. Some drain pans lead to automatically drain out the HVAC system on their own. If you do have to check manually, set a reminder to keep draining your furnace’s drain pan.


Pilot Light

Electric ignition furnaces don’t have a pilot light, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything wrong with the ignition. The ignition can become faulty or dirty which causes problems for starting up the furnace. Problems with the sensor will also make the furnace not start or turn on. The majority of the time, the issue will be because there is dirt on the sensor. There are ways to clean the sensor yourself, but remember to be careful while cleaning. If you have a pilot light and it went out, all you have to do is relight the light. Call your technician if you have any questions or need a tune-up.

Furnace Blower

The furnace blower is important because it sends air from the furnace into your home. There is a way to check your furnace blower through a window most modern furnaces have. Check your furnace guide to see what the light inside should be doing. If it needs maintenance, call your HVAC technician to fix the problem.

If you are unsure how to fix the problem or if you can’t locate the issue, call your local HVAC professionals for help. Every one of our technicians is great at finding the issue early and making sure you’ll know what to do next time if it is a simple fix. If your furnace starts to act up or fail, call us to schedule a furnace tune-up. We want to help you keep your family warm this winter.