Why Does My Minneapolis Furnace Keep Running?

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Furnace issues in Minneapolis homes are not uncommon. Because we live with many months of below freezing temperatures, there are many reasons why your furnace will get worn down or start having issues. One of those issues can be if your furnace keeps running. There are two items in your furnace that often have this problem: the furnace fan and the furnace burners. Having either one of these running constantly usually means it needs to be checked out, and it might have one of these problems.


Thermostat Settings

If your furnace fan keeps running, one thing to check is your thermostat settings. The fan running constantly could mean that the setting was accidentally changed to manual instead of automatic. When using your furnace, if the temperature of your home is below the temperature of your thermostat, it should be running on the automatic setting. If the temperature of your home is higher than the temperature of your thermostat, it should not be running. Make sure to check your thermostat first to see if it is something that you can fix. If nothing changes with your thermostat settings, it could mean that the thermostat wiring needs to be replaced.

Fan Limit Switch

The fan limit switch helps control when your furnace blower is on and off. If it is set to a manual setting, it won’t turn off automatically. The fan should turn on and off with your thermostat when it is set correctly. Your fan limit switch could also be worn out or faulty, in which it would need to be replaced. If it does need to be replaced, contact your HVAC professional for an appointment.

Dirty Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are essential to keeping your furnace safe and your family healthy. However, dirty furnace filters restrict air flow to the rest of your home. Restricted air flow makes your furnace keep running because the restricted air flow can’t warm up your house. Be sure to check your filter and change it if needed.

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Pilot Light

In older furnaces, the pilot light stays on even when it is not in use. If the light did get blown out, there won’t be a way to warm your house, and your furnace will keep blowing air to attempt to warm your home. Most furnaces have instructions for turning the pilot light back on, but please call your HVAC professionals to help if the instructions aren’t clear.

Learn more about how we can help fix your furnace issues or if you have any questions. We are happy to help you get your house warm and comfortable over the winter.