Money-Saving HVAC Tips: Minneapolis Thermostats

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With our Minneapolis warm summers and chilly winters, we want to help you make the most of your HVAC system. While some companies might try to sell you on their most expensive items to help save you money in the long run, we’ll start small to find the best option for your home. Thermostats can be surprisingly important, especially when wanting to save energy costs. Here are some ways you can save money with the way you program your thermostat.


On vs Auto

When turning on your HVAC system, there are usually two modes in newer thermostats. One is called “on” and the other is called “auto.” When your fan is on, it will run continuously, making energy costs run higher and wear down your HVAC system faster. Instead, turn your thermostat to auto, allowing the thermostat to turn the fan to various modes and speeds depending on the temperature of your home. However, it is important to note that the on mode will serve better for your indoor air quality.

Recommended temperature

The temperature setting of your home can help you save money on your energy bills. The recommended temperature in the summer is 78 degrees fahrenheit or 26 degrees celsius. It’s cool enough to keep your family comfortable, but it is also warm enough to not put too much stress on your air conditioner. In the winter, the recommended temperature is 68 degrees fahrenheit.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats can program different temperatures at different times of the day to save energy during the times you are not at home. In the summer, for every degree raised above 78 degrees, you can save six to eight percent off your energy bill. As you start going back to work, you can start saving money right away by programming higher temperatures when you’re away and cool down to your favorite temperature for when you get home.

If you’re looking to find ways to save money on your heating and cooling bills, contact us. We have virtual diagnostics if you are having an issue. At Twin City Heating and Air, we have many ways to help you save money on your energy bills.