How to Spot Minneapolis HVAC Issues Early

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Summer is in full swing! With warmer weather, everyone in Minneapolis will be turning on their air conditioners. Once it is on, you will want to keep an eye out for any issues that your air conditioner might be having. There are some easy things to check if you are concerned about your HVAC system. If you see any of these signs, call us to get your HVAC system fixed any ready for action.

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More allergy symptoms

While allergies are never fun, they can tell if your HVAC system is working properly. If your allergy symptoms get worse, it could mean that your filter either needs to be changed, or you may need an addition to help purify your home’s air. If you continue to have allergy symptoms in your home, reach out to talk to us about what you can do to purify your home’s air.

Leaks by your air conditioner

The easiest place to check for any serious problems will be the floor around your HVAC system. If anything is leaking, it can mean that there is an issue that needs to be fixed right away. For example, leaks around your air conditioner could be your refrigerant. The refrigerant travels to many parts of your air conditioner to push out warm air and cool down the coils to create cold air. Leaking refrigerant will mean less efficiency or none at all from your air conditioner. Warm air would also stay trapped inside and could create dangerous situations. Other leaks such as water or oil can also mean that cracks or holes are in other parts of your HVAC system. It is very important to get leaks checked right away for your energy bills and safety.

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Water on your windows

Water droplets on your windows usually happen when there is too much moisture in the air. In normal circumstances, it happens because the air is cooled enough to become water. When you hear it in a weather forecast, it is called the dew point. However, if there is still water drops on your windows past the dew point, it could mean that your HVAC is allowing too much humidity in your home. This could create many problems for your home because too much moisture in the air could encourage mold in your walls. Mold can eat away at the insulation in your walls and create dangerous particles in the air.

Darker areas on your door hinges

While this may seem strange to look for, it can indicate an overworked HVAC system. If your HVAC system does not get enough air to circulate in your home, it will pull in as much as it can. In doing so, the dust and oil on your door hinges are pulled off. This leaves your door hinges with dark spots. An overworked HVAC system will break down sooner as the stress on the equipment becomes too much. In problems like these, the first parts to break are most commonly the air handler, blow motor, and heat exchanger. If these break, carbon monoxide can leak and create a dangerous situation for you and your family.

While these signs may detect an early problem in your HVAC system, it is still essential to have your system checked and tuned-up regularly to avoid any problems. If you want your HVAC system inspected, give us a call! We use Zoom for a contactless inspection. Learn more on our website, or get started by making an appointment.