Air Purifiers and Covid-19 for Minneapolis Homes

As scientists work on a cure for Covid-19, there are still things that we can do to keep ourselves healthy and safer. In Minneapolis, the Twin City Heating and Air team is finding ways to keep you healthy and still use your furnace and air conditioner. Our friends at iWave have been testing their air purifiers for cleaning Covid-19 in the air.

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The Tests

Specific air purifiers were used to test the amount of the virus in the air before and after air went through the air purifier. In the tests that they did, over 90% of the virus was reduced in the air. This means that the air going through your air conditioner will clean over 90% of the virus before releasing air back into your home.

Two strains of the virus were tested with their air purifiers, including the strain that is running rampant today. One strain was SARS-CoV-2, the strain now called Covid-19. The other strain is the Human Coronavirus 229E, a more common strain that acts more like the common cold. The more common 229E strain was 90% removed from the air in one hour of circulation through the air purifier. While this is great, we are all worried about the current Covid-19 strain infecting people around the globe. This is where the news gets better. In their tests, 99.4% of the Covid-19 virus was removed from the air after circulating through the air purifier for 30 minutes. Check out their summary of results by downloading the PDF.

We encourage everyone to take careful precautions when leaving your home or inviting others into your home. If you are thinking about adding an air purifier to your home, schedule an appointment to talk with us. We would like you to know what precautions we are taking to help you with your air conditioning and heating needs.