My Minneapolis Furnace isn’t Working. When is it Time to Call the Technician?

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If your furnace isn’t working properly, or even at all, you can call the techs to come out and fix the issue. We are happy to come and help you with any issue, but there may be a simple solution you can take. Check these things before calling the tech and possibly save yourself some time and money.



First and foremost, check your thermostat. It may sound basic but there are a lot of small oversights that can happen with your thermostat that will affect your furnace. Make sure that your thermostat is set to heat and not cool. It may be that your AC is still turned on and you just need to actually turn the heat on. If it’s on heat already make sure that the setting is for higher than what the temperature is currently in your home. Double check what your device is programmed to do as well. You can manually set the temperature as well just to make sure the furnace is actually working as well, you can see more immediate results this way. Lastly with your thermostat, check the batteries, many thermostats run on battery and not on your homes electricity, low or depleted batteries can affect how and when the furnace will kick on.

Furnace Issues

There are some other issues that have to do with the furnace itself. There is typically a switch that needs to be on for the furnace to get electricity to function. Check and make sure the switch is on, there is sometimes even a second switch that is easy to miss. It may be that you need to replace the furnace filter as well. A dirty, clogged filter can cause heat and pressure to build up in your furnace. If it gets great enough it may just stop working all together, replace the filter and see if helps or works. Change your filter roughly every three months but check it monthly. Also be sure to double check your pilot light, some older gas furnaces have a small flame that is ignited all the time. If it is out, follow the instructions to re light it, if it won’t stay light call a technician as this may be a problem with your gas ignitor.


Check your outdoor vents for any blockages. This can be debris that has collected overtime or even small animals making nests to even snow during the winter. Make sure these are clear to ensure proper furnace function.

If none of these are the issues then its time to call a technician and get your devices and system looked at. We are always there to help you feel the difference with you heating and cooling. Gives a call at 763.757.4678 to set up your appointment.