6 Steps To Start Up Your Minneapolis Furnace

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Winter is on the way in Minneapolis, and it’s time to get your furnace ready for the colder temperatures. Starting up your furnace can be tricky, but there are clear steps you can take to help. Each step is important to keep your furnace running smoothly all winter long.


Clean around your furnace

Clutter next to your furnace or heater is dangerous to leave there while your furnace is on. If the clutter heats up, it could catch fire. Cardboard boxes are especially dangerous because they are more flammable and can act like kindling. If you have a heat pump outside, be sure to clean any sticks and leaves surrounding it.

Change your furnace filter

A dirty filter can clog up the air flow from your furnace to your home. If the air flow stays backed up for too long, it could cause a pipe to break in your furnace. Be sure to check your current filter for the right size before buying a new one. It is recommended to get a high quality filter so that it doesn’t have to be changed as often, but the filter should still be checked every month.

Check your windows and doors

Most windows and doors have seals that prevent the heat in your home from leaving. Unfortunately, the seals can become weak over time and allow air to escape. Heat that escapes your home makes your furnace work harder to heat your home and raises your energy bills. There are many solutions to aging seals by using window covers, getting new seals, or replacing the windows and doors in your home.

Check your vents and air registers

You’ll want to make sure your vents and air registers are uncovered so that heated air can be equally spread throughout your home. Covered vents can create hot and cold spots in your home, and it will make your furnace work harder to get more warm air in your home.


Check your thermostat

During these past couple months, you may not have been using your thermostat because the weather has been nice enough to just leave the windows open. Your thermostat might need new batteries or be checked for electrical issues.

Get a furnace tune-up

A furnace tune-up is important to make sure everything is ready for starting up your furnace. In a tune-up, the technician will check the igniter, pilot light, the gas or other fuel, and other specifics. It will also help your furnace last longer and be more efficient at heating your home.

If you would like to get a furnace tune-up, schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians. We are happy to help get your furnace up and running smoothly all winter long.