Why are Electric Safety Inspections so Important?

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First and foremost electrical inspections are about safety for your family and for your home. They are a preventative step you can take to find any problems with your homes electrical system and wiring before anything devastating happens. Minnesota has its own list of regulations and codes that a house must meet to be considered safe. The list of standard for Minnesota can be found here on their website, https://www.dli.mn.gov/business/ electrical-contractors/electrical-codes-and-standards. In order to make sure your home meets all the requirements it is highly recommended that you have a Master Electrician, like Twin City Heating, Air, and Electrics own Kelsey Hauff, take a look and perform a thorough home electrical inspection. It’s recommended that you get an electrical inspection once every 5-7 years, but never wait longer than 10 years. Some good reasons to get an electrical inspection outside the normal time frames are:


  • Buying or selling a home

  • If you have flickering lights that aren’t fixed by tightening or a new bulb

  • Burning smells coming from sockets, or they just stop working

  • If you are thinking about adding new outlets, lighting fixtures or any large appliances

Peace of mind when it comes to your electric systems is one of the greatest benefits. Improper wiring is the leading cause of house fire and in the US there are approximately 51,000 electrical fires a year, leading to roughly 500 death’s and more than a billion dollars in property damage. Bad wiring isn’t all there is to blame for electrical fires though, other common causes include power-surges, poorly done repairs or new installations, overloaded systems and DIY projects. You should not be tackling electrical problems unless you are trained to do so, electricity can be dangerous and not only because it causes fires.

What should you expect during an Electric Inspection from a Twin City Heating, Air and Electric. Our Master Electrician will inspect the entirety of your system, from sockets to the electrical panel, wires in the walls and in spaces your family doesn’t frequent like basements, attics, or a crawl space. It may include looking at appliances or lighting fixtures and asking some questions about how you are using electricity on a day to day basis and even questions about extension cords and other supplemental devices like portable heaters of AC’s. At the end you’ll get a report of all that went right, if there are any concerns, and then recommendations for the future. Trust Twin City Heating Air and Electric to get the job done right so you can truly feel the difference at home.