How You Can Plan For A Power Outage This Winter

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As the cold is starting to truly settle in this winter, it best to be prepared for any scenario, like your power going out, especially after what recently happened in Texas. Heavy rain, sleet, snow, and ice can knock down power. It can be scary when it happens, but if you are properly prepared, you’ll get through it without a problem!


Preparing for a power outage is the first step to being comfortable during one. Winterizing your home to maximize heat retention will go a long way to keeping your family safe during the storm. Making sure you have proper insulation in your walls and around your pipes can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage. You also want to make sure that your home is sealed properly to not let excess heat out. Preparing for a power outage also means having a stockpile of food and water. Canned goods, cereals, and other grains along with bottled water will be good in most cases. A majority of electrical black outs last around two days. It’s a good idea to have prep for more just in case.

It’s not just food that you need to be prepared with. Having no electricity also means no lighting and no heat. Get a bunch of warm clothes ready to layer up for the duration of the black out. You’ll also need other sources of light, so prepare some batty or crank operated lanterns and flashlights.

Something that is easily forgotten or overlooked is actually what to unplug. When your power finally kicks back on, your system could experience electrical surges that can damage your expensive technology. You’ll want to unplug computers (both desktop and laptops), TV’s, gaming systems, and bigger appliances like microwaves, fridges, stand alone freezers, and electric ovens if possible. Make sure to wait until you have consistent electricity flowing before plugging these things back in. We also offer whole-home surge protection that our master electrician can install to protect your home from surges in the future.

Another way to supply yourself with electricity during a power outage is to have a generator for your home. Twin City Electric sells and installs generators. Many generators do run on either gasoline or propane, so you would need to stock up on fuel for the power outage as well. Make sure to run the generator only in a well ventilated place away from your home because the fumes from a gas generator is toxic. Investing in a generator could be just want your family needs to get back to the peace-of-mind you want.