Minneapolis Electric Fireplace and Holiday Lights Safety Tips

The holidays are here! All around Minneapolis, you’ll see people sitting by the fireplace in their homes decorated with bright lights. It’s a beautiful time of year that is great for admiring the decor and dusting of snow around it. Electric fireplaces are great for heating your home safely while being more efficient than traditional fireplaces. Between the lights and electric fireplaces, you might be using a lot of electricity. To keep you and your family safe, here are some tips you can implement to avoid electrical accidents.

Fireplace Safety

Get proper installation

Installation is very important to get right the first time to keep you and your family safe. Electrical issues can be dangerous by causing fires, shocks, and other electrical issues. Be sure to call your trusted electrician to get your electric fireplace installed.


Turn it off at night

Running any electrical device for extended periods of time can be dangerous if not taken care of properly. Turning it off allows your fireplace to stay in a good condition longer. We suggest turning it off at night to help it last longer and will help you sleep soundly knowing that nothing will happen with your fireplace.

Keep liquids away from it

Similar to any electrical device, it is essential to keep liquids away from your electrical fireplace. Water is in most liquids and will conduct electricity when it comes in contact with it. This makes it dangerous to clean up if the liquid drips into any electrical components. If it was installed properly, this shouldn’t be an issue with small spills, but it is best to keep drinks away from the fireplace.

Keep everything 3 feet away

The three-feet-away rule is a sure way to keep your home and family safe. Most furniture is flammable, and when it is next to a heat source, it has a greater chance of catching on fire. Keeping other furniture and items three feet away significantly reduces that risk.

Check outlets and unplug when not in use

In older homes, outlets could be worn down or loose. Your electrician will know more about what needs to be updated to accommodate your electric fireplace. Be sure to have them check your outlets and wiring when checking your fireplace.

Holiday Lights Safety


Use proper wiring for indoor and outdoor lights

If you put up outdoor lights, you will want to use wiring that is made for the outdoors and can withstand the weather. Another difference is the amount of electricity going through the wires, so you’ll also want to make sure you use indoor wiring for your indoor lights. This helps you save money on your energy bills while keeping your family safe.

Elevate plugs

If you have to connect multiple wires to connect outdoors, make sure the plugs between them are elevated above the ground. Snow and rain can get in between them and cause electrical issues. Keep the plugs covered and above the snow line to keep your home and family safe.

Change bulbs

Broken or burnt out lights can cause shortages in the wiring, leading to shocks or fires. Most kits will have extra bulbs to change out the old ones, but if it is missing, it might be time to buy new lights.

Don’t overload outlets

Overloading an outlet or extension cord is very dangerous and can lead to electrical fires. When plugging in your holiday lights, be sure to spread out the outlets that you use.

If you would like to know more tips on electrical safety, give our electrician a call. Twin City Heating, Air and Electric can help you make the most of your home while keeping you safe.