What to Consider When Getting an Air Purifier for Your Minneapolis Home

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Allergies are never fun, and springtime brings a whole host of allergens that have been dormant during the winter. We know that with the temperature outside here in Minnesota, it doesn’t feel like spring is ever going to get here, but it’ll be getting warmer again before you know it. That is why it’s the perfect time to get your home prepared for allergy season. Knowledge is half the battle when it comes to air quality. There are several questions you need to as yourself about your home and allergy needs before you can really know which air purifier is right for you.


What Do Your Want to Filter?

The first question is about what you are hoping to filter. Do you want to remove dust? Pollen or dander? Viruses or mold? Or even removing odors? There are many different kinds of air purifiers, which we cover in our previous blog post. Think about what it is you are hoping to remove from the air.

The Area For The Purifier

Next is to think about how big of an area you need to be removing these contaminants from. Larger rooms and homes need more powerful air purifiers. For smaller rooms, you can save some money by investing in a smaller less powerful machine, since there is less work that it needs to do. When selecting which device you want to purchase, take a look at the Clean Air Delivery Rate of the device to see the amount of square footage it can affect and how many particles it can effectively remove from that space.

The Cost

Cost can be another question that comes up frequently when thinking about getting an air purifier. One way to reduce the cost is to get a programmable purifier or one that you can adjust from your phone or wifi. Making sure that it is active only when needed as opposed to running all the time can save you costs in the long term. Some are even comparable with smart devices like google home or Alexa.

If you’re experiencing increased symptoms due to asthma or hay fever its time to look at investing in an air purifier. Air purifiers can target many allergic triggers and the Environmental Protection Agency refers to many studies linking air purifiers to symptom relief from pollen, dust, viruses and other illnesses, many people seeing relief in as little as 4 weeks. Make sure you stay comfortable and healthy whether you’re working from home or just at home between shifts and get an air purifier.