Why You Should Buy Your New A/C In Minneapolis Now

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Spring is almost here in Minneapolis, which means that we are slowly moving away from furnaces and onto air conditioners. Even though it might feel early in March, it’s actually the perfect time to look into getting air conditioner tune-ups or replacements.

Lower Prices

In March, most Minnesotan families are still using their furnace. That means there is a lower demand for air conditioner services. With lower demand, there are lower prices on air conditioning units. Lower prices means that you can take a look at newer models that have higher efficiencies, leaving you with lower energy bills every month.


Installation Availability

Winter and summer are the two most busy times of the year for HVAC companies because that is when homeowners are using their HVAC system and noticing issues. At the start of spring, HVAC companies, including Twin City Heating and Air, will typically have more time to help get you the best fit air conditioner installed in your home.

More Time

In many cases, you will have more time to do research to find the right size and the right efficiency air conditioner for your home. Any research is essential, especially if you’re buying an air conditioner for the first time. Having the time to ask your HVAC professionals about what kind of air conditioner would best suit your home after you know the basics can help you make a more affirming decision.

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, now is a good time to get one! Call your HVAC professionals to see how you can safely get your new air conditioner installed.