When and Why You Should Change Your Minneapolis Air Filter

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Changing your air filter is something we all know we need to do but most people not in the heating and ventilation world don’t know exactly when we should change it, what to look for, and how often it needs to be done. There are some tell-tale signs that you need to change your air filter, however.

Wrong Temperatures

If the air doesn’t feel like the temperature you think it should. Meaning if you are using your air conditioner and the air isn’t getting as cold as you’d like and vice versa for using you heater. A clogged air filter won’t let the air pass through the way that it should which means that it takes longer and more energy to get to the desired temperature.

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Higher Bills

If your machine is having to work longer and harder to get to the proper temperature, you may notice your electricity bill has gone up. Obviously during months of extreme temperatures, we expect our bills to go up, however if it seems excessive or more expensive during these peak months make sure to check your filter.

More Dust

Another sign that your heater or air conditioning may need a filter change is if you notice the accumulation of dust more frequently. The most noticeable spots are near the air vents themselves. Check spaces near and far and compare them, if there is a clear difference then it’s sure thing that your air filters are dirty.  More dust can also lead to more or exacerbated allergy symptoms. If you feel like you may be sneezing or coughing more than your filter may not be removing all it can from the air, a signal that it is indeed time to change the filter out.

When To Change It

So, when should you be changing your air filter?  Unfortunately, it may be more often than you think or every time one of these sings happens. A good rule of thumb is to change your heating and air conditioning filters every three months. You should be checking the filter once a month just in case. Just a quick look is more than enough to determine if the filter needs changing. It may be earlier than expected that you need to change it.  After you change the filter, you should be able to feel a difference relatively quickly.