Space Heater Safety for Minneapolis Homes

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Space Heaters are an easy and portable source of heat during the cold winter months in Minneapolis.  Even though it is beginning to wind down the cold will be sticking around for a few more weeks, so if you’re using a space heater make sure that you are following this safety tips to keep your family safe and cozy.  Without following these heating safety tips its possible to create fire and electrical hazards in your home.

1. Inspect the Space Heater and Warnings

Before using the space heater in your home make sure to have read the instructions and warnings very carefully. Inspect the heater for any issues that may indicate the heater is broken or malfunctioning. These issues include cracks, frayed or fraying electrical cords and the plug being loose when plugged in.


2. Don’t Leave It Unattended

Space heaters are meant to help supplement the heating you already have in your home.  They should never be left unattended, so turn it off when not directly with it or when you are going to sleep. Do not use them to heat or cook food, or to heat fabric of any kind like bedding or drying out your clothes.

3. Leave It In Low Traffic Areas

Do not let children play too close to the space heater and make sure to keep an eye on pets when using one.  Place your heater in low traffic areas. Keep them out of doorways and common walking paths.  The can be a tripping hazard and are usually hot enough to case burns if you run into them.  Place them on a flat surfaces, don’t place them on furniture or carpet as they can overheat and start fires.

4.  Check Smoke Detectors and Placements

Check your smoke detectors on each floor of your home in case something does happen.  Test them once a month.  Keep your heater away from wet areas.  As nice as extra heat can be in the bathroom after a shower, water and electricity do not mix.  Make sure the outlets around the heater are not near other water sources like sinks as well.