What Is Minneapolis Home Surge Protection And Why Should You Have It?

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A whole-house surge protector is a device that when installed correctly will protect your home appliances and electronics from power surges. Whole-house surge protectors defend against voltage spikes by blocking electrical flow or sending it to ground. The big events that a protector will defend against are lightning strikes, your electricity provider, and from daily surges in your home. A power surge happens when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then started again or when something (like a lightning strike) sends electricity flowing through the systems. Most surges happen when your major appliances cycle themselves on and off throughout the day and when using your other appliances, from hair straighteners to blenders and televisions.


In order to protect your electronic devices from power surges that can fry their microprocessors you need some form of surge protection. Power strips are a similar device but on a smaller scale, whole-home surge protectors will ensure that all of your devices and appliances stay safe. Whole-home surge protectors will help to slow the degradation of your home appliances. Mini bursts of energy from your electronics cycling on and off can shorten the amount of time that your appliances continue to work. It will also protect against increased voltage from downed power lines by limiting the amount of electricity flowing into your home when it can no longer travel along its intended path.

Every homeowner should consider installing a surge protector for their whole home. With the price and sophistication of today’s electronics, you will need to protect them. However, you should not be trying to install these yourself. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous, and unless you are a trained professional, you should hire a master electrician. We have our own master electrician here at Twin City Heating and Air. Give your home the protection it needs.