Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in Minneapolis

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Saving money is usually a priority for all of us, and we have some tips from our electrician to help you save. This summer when you are going to be running your air conditioner more frequently, you will generally see your electricity bill go up. Use these small changes in your daily life to help reduce that bill but stay comfortable.

Doors and Windows


A quick way to start is to shut your doors and windows that lead to the outside. We’ve all done it. Opening a window for the breeze or leaving a door open for the fresh air. It feels great, but it makes your air conditioner work that much harder. You can just imagine your dollars flying out the window. Related to this are air leaks to the outside. Listen for whistling or feel for air flowing from the door even when it’s closed. It may be time to sure up the cracks and stop your air conditioned air from finding its way outside. It’s estimated that you can reduce up to 20% of your energy bill this way.


Lighting can be another source of higher electricity bills. Start by shutting your lights off when you aren’t using them; when you are in another room, for example. You can even turn them off during the day when you’re still in the room and utilize the natural light that filters in through your window instead. Besides turning the lights off, you can change your lightbulbs to energy saving bulbs. Generally, energy certified bulbs will pay for themselves in savings over roughly nine months. They tend to last longer and only use a quarter of the energy.


A programmable thermostat can save you 10% on your electric bill in a year. Using the thermostat to lower your home’s temperature by 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day, typically while you are at work, is a nice easy way to save. Since it’s programmable, your home will be ready for you when you get back without having to experience the temperature difference yourself.



Your household appliances use a ton of electricity. One of the best ways to save with them is to only use them when you need to, meaning don’t run a nearly empty dishwasher and wait to do a load of laundry until you can do a full load. You’ll be using them less often, which saves you money. Along with reduced use, you can unplug minor appliances when you aren’t using them. They continue to use a small amount of electricity over time even when they are technically “off.” Unplugging them can help you save a small amount of energy each, but every unplugged appliance will save you more and more money.

Whether you just want to save a bit of money on your electricity bill or need a reason to make a few home improvements, there are a lot of good reasons to do a mini audit of your homes electricity situation and to make some changes for the most expensive electric months of the year. Contact us to learn more about other opportunities where you can save money.