Why is dehumidifying your Minneapolis home so important?

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Maintaining the humidity in your home has many benefits that most people are not aware of. As the name implies, dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air to make you more comfortable and can even improve your health.

How do you know if you even need a dehumidifier for your home? Some non-visible reasons are if your rooms are feeling extra stuffy and uncomfortable or if you can smell a musty odor. A few visible factors can help you make the decision. If you see moist or wet stains on the walls or ceilings of your living areas, if you often see excess condensation on your windows, and if you can see mold forming in places around your home, then it’s probably time to invest in a dehumidifier.


One of the most important reasons to get a dehumidifier is to prevent mold. Mold loves to form in environments that are around 50%-65% humidity. Dehumidifiers can prevent mold from happening and even slow down the process of growing and spreading if it’s already present. When left to grow to excess, mold can be damaging to your health. It can cause skin rashes, increase asthma attacks, and exacerbate other breathing issues. It can cause irritation in the eyes and throat leading to coughing fits. Increasing the quality of your air is a big reason to consider getting a dehumidifier.

Besides the health benefits from keeping your homes humidity at good levels, the benefits of a dehumidifier can help lengthen the life of your home and protect it from degrading faster than it needs to. High humidity in your home can affect the structural integrity of the physical components of where you live. High moisture can cause anything made of wood to bend and warp over time, including support beams. Even worse, it can cause them to crack or even split. Too much moisture can even start to cause some of the metal components of your home to rust and weaken. A dehumidifier can be a relatively inexpensive and an easily adaptable to most rooms solution to keep your home and daily healthy.

On top of all of those benefits, one that most people also enjoy is the increased level of comfort that a dehumidifier can supply. With increased moisture, a room or home can actually feel warmer than it is. Removing the humidity from the air can help you to feel cooler this summer without having to crank up the air conditioner and increase your energy costs. Overall, you can’t go wrong in choosing to purchase a dehumidifier. We have many solutions at Twin City Heating and Air to help you remove excess moisture from your home. Just give us a call and we can get you started on being more comfortable and healthier.