Oh No! I Think the Refrigerant in My Minneapolis Air Conditioner is Leaking!

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Have you noticed that your Minneapolis home isn’t feeling as cold as it should? Or maybe the air just doesn’t seem to be flowing like it used to. You may even be seeing puddles of water by your HVAC unit or ice on the coils. Summers are hot, and this one has been breaking records all over the country, so you want your A/C working at peak conditioner and these are all signs that you may have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is one of the most important things to keep your air conditioner working the way it should and make sure it’s cooling properly.

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Check your A/C

If you’ve noticed that there is indeed something wrong with your HVAC system and you’re pretty sure that its the refrigerant, what’s your next move? There are multiple things that can be done and that have to be considered. Just adding more refrigerant to the A/C is not the best solution. A normal HVAC system actually doesn’t need refrigerant to be added or topped off because it circulates and reuses the same amount over time. The only time it was to be replenished is when there is a leak. The leak needs to be fixed before you end up pouring refrigerant, and money, down the drain. Refrigerant has been getting more expensive as time goes on. A quick fix like a sealant can be used, but it’s really only a temporary solution and, if not done correctly, could end up doing more damage than good.

Contact the experts

It’s a good idea to call in Twin City Heating, Air, and Electric to diagnose the issue. You may not have a refrigerant leak at all. Yes these issues can be a sign of a leak but it may not always be the case. Utilizing a professional to look at the problem will cost you less than skipping to repairing or replacing the entire unit. If a leak is detected, or even multiple ones, they can be easily fixed. More serious leaks may end up needing big repairs to the air conditioner coil or even be totally replaced. On the plus side, if it is replaced, you wont need to worry about more holes forming any time soon. Also, newer units run faster and more efficiently saving you money in the long run. All and all, if you think there is an issue with your HVAC equipment call a professional to take a look.