Why Are There Shortages in HVAC Equipment in Minneapolis?

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Shortages in HVAC production are happening all throughout the US. Many homeowners and HVAC providers have started to take notice of this shortage in 2021. With increasing temperatures in Minneapolis and in other cities, there is a higher demand for service to air conditioners. However, there are fewer HVAC supplies to go around. There are many reasons for this to be happening that we want to help you be aware of.



The Covid-19 pandemic caused many businesses to shut down, which included the HVAC production factories. All across the globe, people had to be indoors to quarantine for the safety of others. This isn’t old news, but it has set back the production of furnace parts, air conditioner parts, and more. It’s not just the supplies that have reduced, but the number of workers is also at a low after workers had to be laid off when businesses closed.

Extreme heat

There are many states experiencing extreme heat this summer. While Minnesota isn’t breaking any records, we can still feel the impacts of this heat. States in extreme heat like Texas, Nevada, California, Florida, and Arizona need any help they can get to beat the heat. Even though there are supplies distributed well throughout the US, there is a higher need in other states. In other words, we are working with what we have.


Increasing costs

The demand in the extreme heat isn’t the only factor after the pandemic. Costs are rising for shipping parts and supplies, and it isn’t difficult to imagine why. Online shopping increased in 2020, not very many people drove around, and many oil companies struggled to gain a profit. Even though many shipping and transportation companies thrived, there were fewer people willing to travel, and it didn’t make up for the fewer cars on the road.


There have been a couple of incidents tying to the shortage of HVAC systems. There was a blockage in the Suez Canal, fires in a production plant in Japan, and the snow freezing many systems in Texas. These incidents mostly just contributed to the shortages that were already happening, but they still made an impact on the supplies.

What can you do?

Homeowners should be expecting delays in repairs and replacements in their HVAC systems. If you would like to know specifically how long it could take, contact us. We are doing our best to get what you need. This shortage is expected to last through 2021, but we are committed to helping you with your heating and cooling.