Benefits of Joining a HVAC Membership Program in Minneapolis

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From hot and humid days to chilly and dry days, there are a lot of different kinds of weather in Minneapolis. Your HVAC units do a lot of work to keep your home feeling comfortable throughout the year. Now that the seasons will be changing soon, it’s time to take another look at your furnace and air conditioner. To get the best care for your HVAC systems, a maintenance plan is worth checking out because there are many benefits that you can take advantage of.

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Prevents breakdowns

Most mechanical breakdowns of your furnace or air conditioner start with small issues that can be easily fixed. Preventative maintenance and regular tune-ups can find them and fix them before becoming a more serious issue. There are also things that your technician can point out to you to make sure your furnace or air conditioner will continue to work properly. While it saves you money in the long run to have tune-ups to prevent larger breakdowns, it also protects your family from any dangerous situations that come from these smaller issues.

Better air quality

There are many factors to air quality and regular maintenance is one of them. Every tune-up also comes with an inspection of the air flow in your home and cleaning of specific areas in your furnace or air conditioner. Areas like your condenser coils and air filters can gather dust, dirt, and allergens that are released into your home if not cleaned regularly. However, we can take care of that for you with our Comfort Care program.

Increases lifespans

Like any mechanical object, such as a car or home appliance, regular tune-ups increases the lifespan of your HVAC units. A furnace and air conditioner can usually last between 10 and 15 years. With regular maintenance and upgrades, they tend to last until 20 years or more. That difference can help you save money rather than unexpectedly having to replace your furnace or air conditioner.


Decreases costs

The costs come in when we think about tune-up costs versus replacement costs. Our Comfort Care program is only eleven dollars a month, which is considerably lower than costs for new parts or replacements. Not only that, it can also decrease your energy costs. Regular tune-ups keep your HVAC systems clear of anything that slows them down, which increases their efficiency. Overall, there are multiple ways you can save money by getting regular tune-ups.

Priority scheduling and familiarity

As part of the Comfort Care program at Twin City Heating, Air and Electric, you will have priority tune-up appointments over those who call their HVAC providers every time. The best part of all is that we will call you to set up the appointment, so you don’t have to remind yourself to get a tune-up every six months. After a while, we will become more familiar with your systems and be able to give you the best advice with quicker results.

At Twin City Heating, Air and Electric, we want to help do the heavy lifting for you with our Comfort Care program. Every inspection and tune-up is worth it to keep you and your family safe all year long. Check out our Comfort Care program to learn more, or contact us to schedule a tune-up.